Awana Cubbies is a two-year weekly club program for preschoolers in the two years prior to kindergarten. Our purpose is to help your child take their first little step on a lifelong journey. In the Bible, parents are instructed to teach their children about God’s word, little by little, day by day. The Cubbies program is designed to help leaders and parents in this critical role. Club time is broken down into 7 areas. All of the areas tie into each other based on the Teaching Aim for that lesson. 

• Coming in Time: Welcome Activity 

• Starting Time: Opening Ceremony, Puppets and Prayer 

• Story Time: Story and kids response to story. 

• Book Time: Verse recital. 

• Craft Time: Craft 

• Snack Time: Snack 

• Game Time: Games 

The Teaching begins at home. Each week, the parents help their Cubbie complete the scheduled Bear Hug. Each part of the Bear Hug reinforces the same Bible truth. At club, we will center everything we do on the same truth you have already worked on at home. Our story, games, craft and even our snack will reinforce the teaching your child has received from you. By creating this partnership, we hope to really “cement” that week’s truth into our Cubbies’ minds and hearts.


APPLE ACRES ENTRANCE BROCHURE A brochure containing two sample Bear Hugs as well as basic information about the Cubbies program. All Cubbies will complete this first each year. 
APPLE ACRES HANDBOOK – Includes memory verses and activities divided into weekly Bear Hugs that teach basic truths about God. Cubbies complete each week’s Bear Hug at home as background for the teaching at club the next week. They then repeat the memory verse to their leader at club. Completing every Bear Hug in the book is a requirement for earning a Cubbie book award at the end of the year. Each Bear Hug also contains an Under the Apple Tree supplemental section. Under the Apple Tree fun activities are optional, and not required for book completion. 

Help your child learn weekly Bear Hug 

Establish a regular time to work on the Bear Hug with your child…morning and evening 

Check the schedule and calendar for what Bear Hug to work on for the next week 

Read each week’s Bear Hug to your child and follow the simple instructions 

Listen to your child recite the verse and sign your name. Be encouraging! 

Only one Bear Hug will be done per week. The Cubbies will all recite the same Bear Hug each week. 

Bring your child to club on time and in uniform Find a special place at home to keep your child’s book and uniform, so it can always be found on Cubbies night. Be sure your child wears the uniform vest to club. The uniform is where their awards are displayed plus helping with motivating them to learn and work in their books. Bring your child to club on time, so we can begin and end promptly. Be sure to come to the Cubbies Room to pick up your child after club. 



BEAR HUG BROCHURE Each Cubbie must complete this brochure before work in the handbook may begin. 


Learning Level A-Complete one Bear Hug each week. All children work on the same Bear hug at the same time. If your child has missed a week of club, be sure to check the schedule or calendar for the current week’s Bear Hug. After completing the current Bear Hug, work on making up any missed Bear Hugs [maximum of 3 in night]. Do not do any future Bear Hugs. 

Learning Level B-Under the Apple Tree may be done after the current Bear Hug and any missed Bear Hugs are complet-ed. When you complete an activity and sign it. Your child will receive an apple sticker for their book. 


• Cubbies are allowed two “helps” per Bear Hug 

• Bear Hugs must be recited at one session. If there are two verses in the Bear Hug, both must be recited at one session and in the order they appear. 

• Four year olds must recite the verse AND reference. Three year olds are encouraged to recite the reference, if they are ca-pable, but are not required. 

• Cubbie clubbers will recite the verses they have learned at home to their Cubbies leader during club. 


• Repeat the verse over and over to your child. Break the verse up into short phrases. 

• Explain what the verse means 

• Show them how the verse relates to their life. There are examples in the Bear Hug story in the Celebrations Handbook.


CUBBIE BEAR BUDDY RULES The leaders in the room will be repeating the Cubbie Bear Buddy Rules many times throughout the year and especially during the first few weeks. Please help us, and your Cubbie by going over the rules at home also. 

The Cubbies have 4 very basic rules to be a Cubbie Bear Buddy: 

1. Listen and don’t talk when a leader is talking. 

2. Always raise their hands when they have something to say or we want to answer a question. 

3. Always fold our hands in our laps during Story Time and prayer. 

4. Always keep your hands and feet to yourself, no hitting, kicking or wrestling.